‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 2: 5 Shocking Moments From the ‘Summer School’ Finale

Note: This story contains spoilers from the “Pretty Little Liars: Summer School” finale.

“Pretty Little Liars” brought out the Final Girl Energy for Thursday’s “Summer School” finale, finally unmasking Bloody Rose while introducing plenty of options for a potential Season 3.

The eight-episode second season featured numerous kills and niche scary movie references, with stars Chandler Kinney, Bailee Madison, Malia Pyles, Maia Reficco and Zaria — as well as honorary sixth FGE member Mallory Bechtel — each getting their own Final Girl moment. But in the Max show’s season finale, all eyes were on resident movie buff Tabby (Kinney) as she ultimately proved her horror film knowledge could help her survive.

The hour contained enough twists and turns to fill the Spooky Spaghetti homepage, but TheWrap has narrowed the episode down to the most iconic can’t-miss moments.

Read on to see the five most shocking scenes from the “Summer School” finale:

Bloody Rose asking “Who else?”

"Pretty Little Liars: Summer School" Season Finale
Karolina Wojtasik/Max

After losing her evil son Chip (Carson Rowland) in the previous “Original Sin” season finale, Season 2’s serial killer Bloody Rose was revealed to be none other than Ms. Langsberry (Carey Van Driest). The show did a good job of setting up her motive and mental state — so much so, that when Tabby finally guesses her identity correctly, Bloody Rose bluntly asks, “Who else?”

Ultimately, the bigger reveal was actually that Bloody Rose was not the season’s big bad. That honor went to Orpheum manager Wes (Derek Klena), who was revealed to be the mastermind behind all the movie-themed carnage.

Tabby’s pitchfork showdown

"Pretty Little Liars: Summer School" Season Finale
Karolina Wojtasik/Max

Unlike her hack of a boss, Tabby actually understands what makes a good horror movie. That’s why when she’s presented with the option to stumble into the killer’s layer, she instead chooses to crack open the door and hide outside. That gives her enough time to then ambush Wes with a pitchfork, which she uses to promptly impale him despite his belief she didn’t have it in her.

Of course, the teen show hedged its bet in the end, revealing Wes survived his injuries — and a punch from Imogen (Madison). Still, he winds up arrested, leaving him as potential fodder for a future season.

Archie returns to kill Dr. Sullivan

Karolina Wojtasik/Max
Karolina Wojtasik/Max

The idea of Season 1’s big bad Archie returning from the dead is not exactly shocking in the established “PLL” universe. Neither is original series star Dr. Sullivan (Annabeth Gish) being the final kill of the episode.

What is shocking is that said reveal came after the following dialogue:

Tabby: “I think I’m maybe done with Archie and Bloody Rose, the whole Waters family. Maybe for my next movie it’s not about rehashing the past. Maybe it’s about something new.”

Imogen: “A new story with a new slasher villain?”

Tabby: “Or villains. Bigger, badder, bolder.”

Imogen freezes Johnny

"Pretty Little Liars: Summer School" Season Finale
Karolina Wojtasik/Max

When Imogen (Madison) discovers a summer’s worth of dead bodies in her ice cream shop’s walk-in freezer, she understandably freaks out. Her hesitation to trust that her coworker/boyfriend Johnny (Antonio Cipriano) is not the killer before incapacitating him with a wrench and locking him in the freezer makes total sense, too — especially considering all the trauma she’s experienced.

However, two weeks after Johnny is freed, thawed and cooled off from dating Imogen, in his words, he gives her a look of forlorn that just makes no sense. While Imogen is sweet, the walking red flag could not be less ready for a relationship.

Jen is the smartest girl in school

"Pretty Little Liars: Summer School" Season Finale
Karolina Wojtasik/Max

Regardless of what you think of the chemistry between Noa (Reficco) and newcomer Jen (Ava Capri) and their complicated dynamic with Shawn (Alex Aiono), it’s undeniable that the decision to include the juvenile detention regular as the girls’ only hope of passing summer school was a wild one. She doesn’t even go here, to quote a pop culture icon.

Sure, she can hotwire a car — even over the phone — but in what world could Jen realistically teach Tabby, Mouse (Pyles) or Faran (Zaria) anything needed to pass a state-regulated performance exam?

All in all, it was bloody fun summer. While the boys — Ash (Jordan Gonzalez), Greg (Elias Kacavas), Christian (Noah Alexander Gerry) and Henry (Ben Cook) — and the moms weren’t quite utilized this time around, the show leaning into its slasher roots certainly worked.

With any luck, we’ll see you in junior year, Liars.

The first two seasons of the “Pretty Little Liars” reboot are now streaming on Max. A decision has not yet been made regarding Season 3, tentatively titled “Scene Stealer.”

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