Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong tests positive for Covid-19 after international work trips

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today said that he has tested positive for Covid-19 for the first time ever since the pandemic began three years ago.

The 71-year-old announced this morning on his socials that the virus got to him after his recent overseas work trips but assured the public that he is coping well while isolating.

“I am generally feeling ok but my doctors have advised me to self-isolate until I am asymptomatic,” he wrote.

The Prime Minister traveled to Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, Cape Town, South Africa and Nairobi, Kenya earlier this month to meet with each country’s respective presidents to strengthen bilateral relations.

Lee said his doctors gave him the antiviral medication Paxlovid, which is prescribed for the treatment of mild-moderate Covid-19 in adults who are at a higher risk of progressing to severe Covid-19.

He urged citizens to get their latest vaccinations and booster shots.

“Please continue to keep your vaccinations up-to-date, as it reduces the risk of severe illness. As Covid-19 remains endemic in Singapore, we must continue to stay safe and healthy,” he wrote.

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