Primeworks Studios extends apology to Watson Nyambek, suspends TV host and crew


MIRI: Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd has suspended indefinitely the host of its television programme "Sukan Tak Sentral" as well as the production crew over remarks made against former national sprinter, Watson Nyambek's father.

Primeworks chief executive officer Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar also made a personal apology to Watson and his wife, Fellizia Michael, at a joint press conference here over the remarks made by programme host Azizul Ammar Abu Hassan.

Present were Azizul Ammar and the programme’s producer, Abdul Ghani Ahmad Mokhtar.

Also in attendance was Sibuti Member of Parliament, Ahmad Lai Bujang, who acted as a mediator between both parties.

Izham said: “The action of ridiculing the name of Watson’s late father is straight-out wrong and such an incident should not have occured.

“I humbly admit that the incident not only hurt the feelings of Watson and his family but also Malaysians in general.

“We adopt a zero-tolerance policy in dealing with such incidents."

He also announced that Primeworks Studios has pulled the plug on the “Sukan Tak Sentral” programme - a TV show which spoofs sports news.

The programme was produced by Primeworks Studios and aired on TV3.

Izham said the programme’s seven production crew including Ammar and Abdul Ghani has been suspended indefinitely.

“Primeworks Studios will not have Ammar on for our future programmes.

“We take this as a serious matter, and the company has also reminded all its staff to avoid making the same mistake.

“We apologise and would like to state our highest respect for Watson, his wife and his family,” he said.

Ammar broke down in tears when he issued his apology during the press conference.

“I humbly admit that I went overboard in my bid to entertain the people. I would like to convey my sincerest apologies to Watson and his family.

“I had no intention to disrespect him and his family,” said Ammar, adding that he would treat the incident as a lesson.

Meanwhile, Watson said it was difficult for him to accept the apology from Izham, Ammar and Abdul Ghani.

“I am still hurt by what had happened. Just imagine if you are in my place. Maybe, my heart will be open in the future.

“For now, I am waiting for the outcome of police investigations into the case,” said Watson.

It was reported that police have started investigations into the case under Section 504 of the Penal Code following a police report lodged by Watson this morning.