Prince Harry’s girlfriend 'to get royal tips'

Prince Harry

Britain’s Prince Harry’s girlfriend will be given ‘protocol training’ once their relationship gets serious.

The royal has been dating socialite Cressida Bonas on and off for around six months. Harry made no secret of his feelings for the blonde beauty during a skiing trip to Switzerland in February, after they were photographed hugging on the slopes.

Palace officials are gearing up to offer advice to Cressida, who will have to look the part if she starts accompanying Harry to events. The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Eugenie, who is Cressida’s close friend, are also preparing to help out.

“A palace aid will spend four hours with Cressida to help her work on things like the proper posture, how to sit, eat, how to get out of a car and what not to say in public. She will also be taught the proper ways to greet different members of the royal family. And there are lessons on small talk,” a source told British magazine Look. “Kate, Eugenie or a palace aid will be available to advise her on what to wear and help her work on her make-up and hair styling.”

While some people might be daunted by such a high-profile romance, it seems Cressida has remained calm and collected despite being under scrutiny.

The 28-year-old prince is determined to prepare his girlfriend for the attention and she has paid close attention to his advice.

“Harry’s told her about what it’s like dating royalty – the intrusion into your privacy, the fact your life is scrutinised and how people you thought you knew might become untrustworthy. She’s taking it all in her stride,” the source explained.

Harry realises he needs to be careful with his handling of the romance. The prince will be expected to behave impeccably whenever he is with Cressida and certain measures will be in place unless the relationship develops.

“If Harry wants Cressida to come back to the palace, it means bringing her into the royal family’s inner sanctum,” an insider revealed. “That’s considered a major security risk, so she’d have to have background checks run on her beforehand, and this can take up to six months.”

It has been claimed Cressida has been advised to increase the security settings on her social networking sites and to be wary of people she doesn’t know. To prevent any embarrassing infringements on her privacy, the 24-year-old will also be expected to regularly check her electronic devices for spyware.

“Cressida has probably had an informal security briefing from the Royal Protection Squad. They would have advised her on the precautions she needs to take now she’s regarded as Harry’s ‘plus one’,” a source added. “For example, they’d tell her that she and Harry must rarely arrive and leave a venue together for their own safety, and they should make sure they have one of Harry’s officers within five metres of each of them. This is to stop them being mobbed by fans or photographers.”

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