Prince William's Favorite Emoji Is an Unexpected Choice

It's difficult to imagine Prince William and Kate Middleton using emojis when they text, but royals are really just like us. In an interview with BBC Radio 1 earlier this week while in Birmingham, the royals both revealed their favorite emojis, and Prince William's answer was surprising: the eggplant emoji.

"Is this a clean thing or is this a family one?" he laughed as he replied to hosts Jordan North and Vick Hope after they asked. Kate added, "It depends what group!"

William continued, "I've been told not to say the aubergine so I've got to pick something else. It would have been the aubergine but I'm saying now—because I've got to be all grown up—it's the one where the eyes go up and down and the mouth's out. What's that one? The slightly crazy one."

Prince William seemed to know his answer was inappropriate, as he implied it was not a "grown up" answer; the eggplant emoji is often used euphemistically. Instead, he picked the "🤪" emoji, which he calls the "slightly crazy one."

Kate's answer, meanwhile, was very millennial of her. The Princess of Wales said, "Mine's probably going to be the heart with then the crying emoji. The hysterical laughing when things have gone wrong." The crying laughing emoji isn't used by Gen Z but rather mainly by millennials, CNN reported in 2021, nothing "older generations tend to use emojis literally while younger people get more creative."

You can watch the clip of the Prince and Princess of Wales discussing their favorite emojis here:

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