Princess Charlene Says She is "Happy and Serene" In New Interview About Her Children

monaco royal family attends the traditional monaco picnic
Princess Charlene Says She is "Happy and Serene"PLS Pool - Getty Images

There's been plenty of discussion about the royal family of Monaco in recent weeks, and while Prince Albert—the son of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly—and his wife, Princess Charlene, have yet to comment on the ongoing rumors about their royal marriage, Charlene has recently given a rare interview addressing a number of other topics.

Speaking earlier this week after taking her children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, for their first day of the school year, Charlene told the publication Monaco-Matin that she is feeling "happy and serene." The statement follows a long series of health issues that Charlene dealt with starting in 2021 that led her to step away from her royal duties for over a year. Now, however, things sound like they're looking up for her health, with Charlene saying, "I walk regularly, but I would like to get back into swimming training, to regain a little more energy and feel stronger."

Swimming has always been an important part of the royal's life—she even competed on the South Africa Olympic team in 2000. "When I was very young, I always heard my mother tell me how much she would have liked to participate in the Olympic Games," she said, explaining that geopolitical circumstances prevented her mother from being able to compete at the games. "This dream became mine during my childhood: that of participating in the Olympic Games, of winning a medal. And my parents supported me in this project, which involved great sacrifices for me and for my family."

However, she says, she and Albert—who also competed in the Olympics, in the bobsleigh event—are not pushing their twins to become serious athletes. "The importance is to give them a good education, self-confidence and a happy childhood. I don't necessarily want to push them into intensive practice of a sport," she said. "The Prince and I were Olympic athletes. It is a choice which is very demanding, which requires constant training which, I speak with knowledge of the facts, can take precedence over your childhood."

As for the children, who will turn nine this winter, Charlene said that Gabriella is "quite spontaneous," while "Jacques is more reserved but very observant." She added, "I believe it's the prerogative of boys at this age, where girls are, perhaps, more expressive. They are complementary in a sense and gradually tame their environment. They are still young and developing day by day."

The new interview comes on the heels of an eventful few weeks for the Monegasque royal. In August, reports surfaced alleging that Charlene was living in Switzerland and that her marriage to Albert was merely "ceremonial." Within days, Charlene's personal Instagram account was deleted, and was Albert photographed on his own at a birthday celebration for his eldest son, Alexandre Grimaldi, further exacerbating the speculation that they could be separated. However, since the start of September, the couple have begun making numerous public appearances together, including with Jacques and Gabriella at the annual Monaco picnic. As yet, neither of the royals have openly addressed the rumors about their marriage.

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