Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Is Now on Display—Virtually

Marina Liao
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Photo credit: Des Willie
Photo credit: Des Willie

From Marie Claire

For period pieces like The Crown or The Queen's Gambit, clothes and accessories play a huge role in setting the mood and character. To honor the unforgettable costumes and the designers who brought them to life—Gabriele Binder and her team created all the The Queen's Gambit looks, while Amy Roberts and her team worked on The Crown—the Brooklyn Museum and Netflix have teamed up for a costume exhibit so you can see the looks yourself in person.

For those unable to make the exhibition, which runs from October 30 to December 13, you can still partake in the fun via a virtual portal that lets you tour the costumes at your own pace, free from rubbing elbows with anyone. Viewers will be able to examine their favorite looks up close, from the outfits chess prodigy Elizabeth Harmon wears in The Queen's Gambit to Princess Diana's incredible wedding dress.

For The Queen's Gambit, Binder says most of Harmon's outfits were created from scratch in their workshops. "Costumes should support her sad moments, happy moments, and give her some energy to go through the story," Binder shares. "She has a really minimalist style and is just herself, she really goes for that."

Fans of The Crown will even get a sneak preview of the outfits Gillian Anderson wears as Margaret Thatcher in season four of the series, which drops on Netflix on November 15.

As much as we live for the chess and political drama in these shows, the outfits made us do double takes—and perhaps will even inspire a few fans to dress up as their favorite characters from The Queen's Gambit or The Crown on October 31.

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