Printing firms want compensation after May bank holiday change 'costs them hundreds of thousands of pounds'

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Small printing firms want the government to compensate over the May bank holiday change (Picture: Getty)

Printing firms left out of pocket when the May 2020 bank holiday was changed have demanded compensation from the government.

Some small firms are unhappy with the decision to move the holiday from Monday May 4 to Friday May 8 and claim they will lose hundreds of thousands of pounds as a result.

The Tories announced it would make the change on June 7 last year to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day but many firms had already printed diaries and calendars for this year.

In 1995 when the same thing happened for the 50th anniversary of VE Day, businesses received 18 months notice, the Telegraph reported.

Hand with pen writing on calendar page closeup
The May bank holiday is being changed to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Picture: Getty)

A M Print Finishers director Stuart Bennett said his Hertfordshire based firm had lost £200,000.

He said: “This is a huge sum, not easily financed by a small business.

“There has been no offer of compensation from the Government, despite the fact that it changed the date months after its own guidelines dictate.”

Other companies have dealt with the change of date in different ways.

Some have created sticker packs to change the bank holiday, removed whole pages from calendars and also kept items with the wrong date.


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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said it currently did not plan to compensate companies and added the change was announced at the most practical time.

A spokesman said the new commemoration bank holiday was right and would allow people to “reflect on the sacrifices of a generation”.

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