Priyanka Chopra Jonas On Husband Nick Jonas' ‘Mean’ Martini, Her Perfect Date Night And Loving Angelina Jolie

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If ever we needed proof that we need to be best friends with Priyanka Chopra Jonas as soon as humanly possible, then let’s just say her choice of a drink on a night out is it.

‘I’m a big fan of a martini,’ the Citadel actor told us during a recent game of Ask Me Anything. ‘I’m just out in like one. I like a very dirty martini with olive juice – my husband [Nick Jonas] makes a mean one. But I’m also a big cosmopolitan fan… cosmo for if I want multiple. Martini if I just want one.’

The actor, who recently welcomed her daughter Malti Marie with her husband of three years, recently touched down in London to celebrate the release of her latest Prime Video series, Citadel. The series sees Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden and Chopra Jonas star as top spies, Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, respectively, who work for a spy agency named Citadel which has had the memory of its agents erased. The pair are forced to fight back against the now powerful Manticore crime syndicate that’s growing in influence.

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Despite her character’s world-class spy credentials, it sounds like a life of espionage isn’t exactly for Jonas. ‘I’d make a terrible spy – I can’t lie,’ she said. ‘I can act, I’d probably be over acting because I’d be so nervous that I’d get caught, then arrested and probably killed. And dying is a ‘no no’ in a profession, and I’d prefer to not die. That would be nice.’

Jonas, who is known for roles in the likes of Baywatch and Love Again, spent a year-and-a-half of training for her Citadel role and practising stunt scenes. ‘I’ve done about 80-85% of the stunts myself. It required us to stay agile and fit like an athlete,’ she shared. ‘Workouts, training... we had a whole stunts studio with rigs, weapons and combat training. I was really happy when I wrapped and ate pizza – I didn’t work out for months. It was awesome.’

While her go-to favourite spies are Sean Connery and Daniel Craig’s iterations of James Bond, she’s clearly a fan of another familiar action film star. ‘I also love Angelina Jolie as a spy,’ she said. I would tell her all my secrets.'

When she’s not acting in front of the camera and leading her Anomaly hair care brand, the actor loves curling up in bed with her husband. ‘My perfect date night just doesn’t happen often enough. My perfect date night would be snuggled in bed, watching an amazing movie, eating awesome takeout. But in bed. My husband isn’t a fan of that, so we don’t do it,’ she joked.

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From the role she’d love to play in a The Devil Wears Prada remake to stealing Christian Louboutins from the Citadel set, you can watch the rest of Chopra Jonas’ Ask Me Anything interview at the top of this article.

Citadel is out now on Prime Video.

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