Producer A. Aida confirms fourth divorce, nine months after getting married

Mark Ryan Raj
Datuk A. Aida, 49, is single again, as she embraces life as a single mother. — Picture via Instagram/A Aida Awang

PETALING JAYA, June 19 — TV drama producer, Datuk A. Aida and her most recent husband, Ariff Aziz, have decided to end their nine-month-old marriage.

“It’s true, we did get divorced last April,” said Aida in an interview with Malay language news portal, MHE TV.

Zaidah Awang, also known as A. Aida, confirmed that the pair split two months ago when she filed for divorce on April 4, before getting officially divorced on April 25 at the Gombak Timur shariah court.

Although this is her fourth divorce, Aida said that she did not regret anything and that she already learnt what she needed to from the divorce.

“This marriage only lasted nine months, of course, I don’t want to keep getting divorced, but what can I do? It’s in God’s hands,” said the 49-year-old.

It was reported that Aida and Ariff tied the knot on July 21 last year at Grand Dorsett Hotel in Subang Jaya, after falling in love just three months before.

The pair did not have any children with each other, but Aida does have three children of her own, from her previous marriages.

Her first marriage was in 1994 to Ameng – the vocalist of the band Spring.

The marriage fell apart and they got divorced in 2003, leaving Aida with their two daughters, Wan Az Aleesa and Wan Azevanatassha, now aged 22 and 17 respectively.

Aida’s third child, Mohamad Rahul, aged 10, was from of her second marriage in 2007 to a policeman named, Sufian Sulaiman — the pair called it quits six years later in 2013.

Her third marriage was not made public, with no reports on the details of the marriage — although it is rumoured the man was also a policeman.

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