Project to stem floods in Ringlet starts next month

By John Bunyan

CAMERON HIGHLANDS, April 7 — The second phase of Bertam Valley flood mitigation project along Sungai Ringlet, to protect thousands of residents in Ringlet near here from future floods, is expected to commence next month. 

This comes after seven people were killed and five others injured during flash floods in Ringlet in November 2014, following a downpour which caused the river to overflow.   

The 4.8km Sungai Ringlet is a tributary of one of the main rivers in Camerons, the Sungai Bertam, that flows into the Sultan Abu Bakar reservoir. 

However, the flood barrier project is only expected to cover about 1.1km of Sungai Ringlet, where the river flows through the residential area. 

Pahang Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) director Datuk Shaharuddin Ibrahim said the RM58 million flood barrier project would be able to protect 2,300 residents in Ringlet for the next 20 years. 

“The project involves the widening and deepening of Sungai Ringlet. This would increase the river capacity and protect lives and properties from flash floods,” he said.

“The river will be widened up to 14m and we will be also reconstruct four existing bridges to make them higher. 

“We will build a sediment basin to capture eroded or disturbed soil in the river.” 

Shaharuddin had  attended a dialogue with Ringlet residents on the Bertam Valley flood mitigation project on Wednesday. 

He said the project would take about 34 months to be complete. 

Shaharuddin said the project, approved by the Federal Government in 2015, required preparations, including designing the structure of the flood barrier, land acquisition and environmental issue, which had delayed the project. 

“The design of the structure of the barrier has been completed and the land acquisition process is 95 per cent complete,” he said.

“About 30 housing lots have been acquired from residents living along Sungai Ringlet and we still have to acquire two more housing lots, which have been delayed due to some technical issues. 

“We also had a dialogue with several other authorities and residents here to listen to the problems they face so that there would not be any disruption during the implementation of the project.”