This promposal may land one high school romantic in jail for vandalizing a national monument

High schoolers are not known for their foresight. It isn’t all their fault — their frontal lobe just isn’t fully connected. On top of that, the teenage years are a very odd time when everything seems like the most important thing in the world — and that now includes how you ask someone to prom.

Over the years, romantic promposals have often gone viral for their touching sentimental value. However, sometimes they miss the mark completely.

National park rangers are hoping to find whoever vandalized the Colorado National Monument for a promposal. (Photo: Colorado National Monument via Facebook)

Case in point: this less-than-epic promposal in which a national monument was vandalized — all in the name of love. 

Posted on the Facebook page of the National Park Service’s Colorado National Monument are photos of the graffiti in question, which includes “Prom…ise?” and “I promise to love you forever + always.”


“I promise to love you forever + always!” was found graffitied on the Colorado National Monument. (Photo: Facebook)

According to federal law, the National Park Service can charge the vandal a $5,000 fine, and he or she could serve a maximum penalty of six months in prison.

National Park Ranger Frank Hayde told Fox31 in Denver that the graffiti is still up because preservationists have to assess the damage to ensure there are no historic works of art that were harmed by the vandal.

Hayde also said the NPS would be more “lenient” with its punishment if the person responsible comes forward.

The Colorado National Monument was vandalized in a promposal that really does not rock. (Photo: Facebook)

Hopefully, whoever this promposal was meant for asked the vandal what they were actually thinking when they sprayed graffiti over what the NPS calls the “towering monoliths” that are the Colorado National Monument. 

There are easier ways to get a prom date than purchasing a can of spray paint at your local hardware store to deface nature. Most people like cookie cakes, for instance. Just ice up one of those bad boys with “Prom?” instead.

If you have any information about the vandalism, park officials ask you to leave a tip with the visitors’ office at 970-858-3617, ext. 360.

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