Proposed P200–Billion Makati City Subway Possibly to Start Year-End

Cherryl Anne Cruz

There’s a P200-billion intracity subway that Makati is planning to build by the end of the year. Once it gets the green light, then commuters are expected to enjoy a 10-kilometer urban rail system that will connect the entire Makati to major key points–including new business districts–within the city.

The only thing that stands between its implementation is the Swiss Challenge process that will happen this September.

This process, which will end on September 24, puts the public-private partnership proposal and draft joint venture agreement (submitted by local and big foreign companies) in an “original proponent status.” It’s a price competition, one that allows the original proponent of the project to match the best offer given by prospective bidders.

Once it pushes through, the planned subway system will include 10 air-conditioned underground island stations and serve more than 700,000 passengers. It will offer key point stops on the following locations:

  • Central Business District on Ayala Avenue
  • Makati City Hall
  • Poblacion Heritage Site
  • University of Makati
  • Ospital ng Makati
  • Other new business districts within the city

Plans to link other mass transport systems such as the MRT, JICA-funded Metro Manila Subway, and even the Pasig River ferry are also actively being considered by the government.

According to Makati Mayor Abby Binay, “This mass transport system is Makati’s most ambitious PPP project to date. It’s part of my vision to make Makati the country’s first digital city–a city that is future-proof, connected and innovative without losing its cultural heritage and identity.”

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