Mum Buys McDonald’s Meal As Surprise For Son With Mild Autism, His Reaction Was Priceless

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When McDonald’s announced its temporary closure earlier in April due to the Circuit Breaker, it appeared to have shattered the hearts of many, such as 9-year-old Adam Bin Mohammad Irwan, whose “all-time favourite meal is McNuggets with fries and iced Milo.”

So when McDonald’s resumed its services on 11 May, Adam’s mother, Wati Rahim wanted to give him a surprise. The meal was also meant as a special treat for the family to break their fast.

The mum documented the process through a video she posted (19 May) on Facebook.

In the video, Wati said she went to Pioneer Mall to get some McDonald’s meals and brought along red plastic bags to conceal the items to execute the surprise.

Upon reaching home with McDonald’s and laid down the feast, Wati told Adam that she wanted to speak with him.

When Adam exited his room, that was when he realised the McDonald’s treat before his eyes. And what happened next was unexpected as Adam screamed and ran towards the table, bursting into tears.

Adam even told his mum that he thought she wanted to “scare” him. Amid his surprise. In tears, while hugging his mum, he said “thank you.”

surprised with McDonald's
surprised with McDonald's

Adam surprised with McDonald’s, enjoying his meal. | Screengrab from WatiWan MayaAdam CyraRysa/ Facebook

The first thing Adam grabbed was a chicken nugget and he took a bite. He even clutched it with both hands—preciously against his left cheek—and tears welled up in his eyes once again.

surprised with McDonald's
surprised with McDonald's

Holding a nugget tenderly to his cheek. | Screengrab from WatiWan MayaAdam CyraRysa/ Facebook

Feeling overwhelmed, Adam cries as he enjoys his meal. He also said “thank you” to his mum multiple times throughout, as seen in the video.

Mild Autism and Sensory Issues

Speaking to theAsianparent, Adam’s mum shared that the boy was diagnosed with mild autism and suffer from sensory issues.

“When he was 4, he was diagnosed as Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PPD-NOS), then they classified him as mild autism,” Wati told theAsianparent.

“When he gets excited, he will walk around, flapping both his arms and tip-toe manner.”

Wati said Adam’s sensory issues are heightened too. “Imagine how all taste, feel, smell touch, hear at 100%, for him it would be 150%. Everything is extra.”

Wati, her son Adam and their family. | Image source: Wati Rahim

The mum-of-four shared that the circuit breaker period brought about challenges in caring for her child, too.

“He gets bored easily, hence we keep him busy with some craftwork, school homework, some screen time on TV and on mobile,” Wati shared. “We provide activities for him to do such as board games. Adam loves to doodle characters and read his books.”

As for herself, Wati said though staying at home with the whole of her family, especially when with a child with mild autism, can get very challenging, having been able to spend more time with family still trumped everything.

“It’s quite challenging as I am working from home during this period. Having a son with mild autism, a teenager, a super active 5-year-old girl and 20-month-old whom I still breastfeed can get really challenging. You can imagine the chaos when everyone screams for mummy!” Wati said laughing.

“It’s super crazy but fruitful. I liked staying at home,” she added.

“Aren’t we all like Adam when it comes to McNuggets and McSpicy?”

Adam’s reaction towards his mum’s gesture captured the hearts of netizens, with some feeling the feels towards the famous fast-food meals.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

As of publication, the video has garnered over 1,000 reactions and has been shared nearly 1,000 times.

You can watch the full video here:

A McDonald’s Surprise on Hari Raya

In light of Hari Raya (24 May), Adam and family was greeted with yet another surprise.

As seen in a recent video posted by Adam’s mum, More McDonald’s meals were delivered to Adam’s home—and personally done so by Mr Alan, manager of Pioneer’s McDonald’s outlet.

Before proceeding to feast on his McDonald’s meal, Adam said that he did not expect that his original video would have gone viral and thanked everyone who watched it.

In her post, Wati also shared positive vibes and sent her greetings to fellow muslim friends and family. She also said that the McDonald’s treats were shared with her neighbours as well.

“Let’s all be kind to one another. The world is already a crazy place. Spread love not hate.” Here’s wishing all our muslim friends and family, Selamat Hari Raya! Peace ✌🏽” wrote Wati.

Lead image: Adapted from screengrabs, WatiWan MayaAdam CyraRysa/Facebook

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