Protesters on trial for stealing Macron portraits

Eight climate change protesters and one filmmaker were in French court Wednesday (September 11) for theft of portraits of President Emmanuel Macron.

The group with the slogan ''Take down Macron'', claims more than 129 portraits were stolen from public buildings this year…to denounce perceived inaction over climate change.

The pilfered portraits were then flipped upside down during a protest near a G7 summit.

Macron has long tried to project an image of himself as an environmental champion, but these activists say it's not enough.


"We hope we will be acquitted because we think that we were completely legitimate and that it is even the government which is not acting within the law, because it is not respecting Paris agreement.''

According to the association, 57 people have been summoned in 17 different trials for the same charge.

The activists could face an $82,000 fine and jail time of up to five years.