PS4 and Xbox One release dates leaked? (T3 Middle East)

The PS4 and Xbox One pre-order pages on the website of Toys R Us have release dates of December 13th and November 29th respectively.

There's no official word yet on the release date of the next-generation of gaming console, but it may be the case that a retailer has inadvertantly leaked this information ahead of time.

The pre-order pages for the PS4 and Xbox One both have release dates on them. If they're to be believed, the PS4 will be released December 13th and the Xbox One is set for release on November 29th.

We're taking this with something of a pinch of salt as eagle-eyed followers will notice we've been here before. Last month, appeared to have outed the Xbox One's release date as November 27th.

It wasn't long after that that Microsoft issued a statement saying that the date in question was simply a placeholder and that none of Microsoft's retail partners had been informed a specific release date.

Still, there is the possibility that a retailer's mistake has made information free and available so we've reached out to both Sony and Microsoft and will keep you abreast of any updates in this story.

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