PSA CEO: Vauxhall plants an opportunity if there is hard Brexit

FRANKFURT, March 6 (Reuters) - PSA Group's Chief

Executive Carlos Tavares said Vauxhall's factories are an asset

for the French carmaker if Britain exits the European common

market in a so-called "Hard Brexit" scenario.

Tavares told analysts and investors on Monday that a

proposed combination of PSA Group with the European operations

of General Motors, presents an opportunity.

"Opel Vauxhall was prevented until now to sell overseas.

There is an export potential opportunity for us. There is also

the Brexit and the risk and the opportunity to have inside of

the U.K. some manufacturing plants in case we have a hard

Brexit. All of this represents opportunities that we want to

tackle," Tavares said.

Automakers fear that a complete departure from the European

common market could result in the imposition of tariffs for

exporting and importing vehicles into Great Britain. Having a

car plant in Britain would help Peugeot overcome such tariffs.

Vauxhall has a plant in Ellesmere Port and in Luton.

(Reporting by Edward Taylor; Editing by Harro ten Wolde)