PSY's concert 'on fire'

PSY's concert 'on fire'

16 Aug - In the hype and the excitement of his performances, it was reported that a fire broke out during PSY's "Summer Stand" concert.

Kpopstarz website reported that during PSY's concert that was held on 11 August at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, a curtain that was draped on top of the stage caught on fire during the singer's finale.

The calm singer made a witty comment during the incident, saying that, "The fire must've started because we were having too much fun."

However, the singer started to soothe fans by singing "You're My Woman" without backing music when the flaming embers started to fall down. The fire was then extinguished in two minutes after the curtain was brought down.

The singer apologised to his fans and concert-goers, stating that he intended the white curtain to look like snow but did not see the danger it possessed. He added, "Next time, I won't be doing anything dangerous like this."