PU Abu’s wife Hana Azraa stops wearing ‘purdah’ after online criticism

Melanie Chalil
Hana was told by social media users she was ‘unworthy’ of wearing the purdah, a veil that covers the face. — Pictures from Instagram/Hana Azraa

PETALING JAYA, Sept 13 — The wife of controversial PU Abu Sufyan from Astro’s religious reality programme Pencetus Ummah became the target of social media users who are not warming up to her approach to modest Islamic attire, deeming her “unworthy.”

Hana Azraa, 25, whose real name is Nurhannah Azra Mohd Zakir, came under fire after she stopped wearing the “purdah,” a veil that covers the face as part of Islamic dressing after many questioned her sincerity of wearing it in the first place.

Citing widespread criticism online, Hana said it drove her to remove it as part of her daily attire.

“I was troubled when outsiders kept bugging me to remove the ‘purdah’, they said I was unworthy of wearing it.

“But honestly even though the purdah isn’t compulsory in Islam, I wore it sincerely. I wore the ‘purdah’ not because of people but because of God and for myself.”

She told mStar the subject matter was new to her and that she was still learning.

“I hope everyone prays that I’ll always be patient and persistent in taking care of myself and my appearance,” she added,

Hana was contacted for comment on her latest Instagram posts where she was seen without a purdah.

The move raised questions among social media users who assumed the entrepreneur wore it under false pretenses.

Despite not knowing her personally, Hana said she values the public’s feedback whether positive or negative.

“I want to apologise publicly to those aware of this issue. The feedback has been overwhelming which I accept, good and bad.

“I received most of the comments through DM (direct message) on Instagram. Thank you to those who prayed and advised me,” said Hana who said she wants to be a good role model for women.

Hana previously made headlines when her wedding became a topic of discussion after rumours swirled that she got married to PU Abu in Thailand, sparking public outrage as he had divorced his then pregnant wife after she refused his request to practise polygamy.

Her Islamic preacher husband later on told mStar that he and Hana tied the knot in Malaysia and not Thailand as speculated.

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