PUB no longer taking action against young fishing duo who caught a fish at Merlion Park

Looks like the joyful lads who managed to reel in a huge fish right next to the Merlion statue at Marina Bay won’t get in big trouble after all. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) — initially on the hunt for the identity of the duo last week — have assured that they won’t be taking further action against them.

A clip of the boys’ shenanigans went viral last Thursday, depicting the two youths being stoked at catching a peacock bass straight from the Singapore River on the steps of the Merlion Park. The PUB wasn’t too happy about the incident, because fishing along the Marina Bay district is, you know, illegal. They appealed to the public for more information on the duo (but folks weren’t willing to snitch).

In an update yesterday afternoon, PUB said that it was no longer pursuing the case, noting that the boys have since been advised and counseled by their school. Nonetheless, they’re still urging others not to do the same.

“The waters around the Merlion Park are part of the Marina Reservoir. Reservoirs serve as, first and foremost, a source of water supply,” PUB wrote in a Facebook post.

“Fishing at reservoirs is only permitted within designated fishing areas, selected based on various conditions including public safety, demarcation of zoning for different water activities and a good safe distance away from footpaths and the Park Connector Network for pedestrian safety.”

To hammer in the dangers of fishing in an undesignated area, PUB reminded folks about the time when a 10-year-old girl had to undergo emergency surgery after a fishing hook got lodged deep in her right cheek. All thanks to a group of boys who were fishing with a rod and line at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, which is not allowed.

Local anglers weren’t down with PUB’s clarification and had some really strong words to say against the governmental board’s stance on fishing.

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