Public urges Centre to reduce fuel prices

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Representative image (Photo/ANI)
Representative image (Photo/ANI)

New Delhi/Mumbai (Maharashtra)/Chennai (Tamil Nadu)/Hyderabad (Telangana)/Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], October 5 (ANI): With petrol and diesel prices hiked on Tuesday across various cities including metros in the country, people from various parts of the country expressed tremendous pressure over their pockets due to the hike and urged the government to reduce fuel prices.

The price of petrol was increased by 25 paise in Delhi, which now stands at Rs 102.64 per litre. The price of diesel was hiked by nearly 30 paise. As of Saturday, diesel will be available for Rs 91.07 per litre in the national capital.

Commuters in the national capital expressed apprehension over using public transport amid the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving them with no other option but to travel in their own vehicle.

"It's a huge impact. Within 3-4 months there has been a sudden rise in prices. Since people are not comfortable with public commute as of now, they have to rely on their own vehicles. The price hike is putting a lot of pressure on our pocket" said Aditya, a resident of Delhi.

The price in Mumbai is Rs 108.67 per litre, which is an increase of 24 paise, whereas after a nearly 30 paise increase the price of diesel stands at Rs 98.80.

A resident of Mumbai demanded government intervention to reduce petrol and diesel prices.

"There is no other option, one has to buy the petrol to commute. Even taxi is costlier now. Government should reduce the prices," said Khan, a resident of Mumbai.

Kolkata saw the highest surge of 29 paise, which is retailing petrol at the rate of Rs 103.36 per litre while in Chennai the revised price of petrol is Rs 100.23. Diesel in Kolkata now costs Rs 94.17 per litre and Rs 95.59 per litre in Chennai.

People also expressed concern over the price rise of other products due to a hike in the prices of petrol and diesel.

"Users of two-wheelers like us are suffering because of petrol price which is now sold for Rs 100 per litre. Because of petrol and diesel price hike, prices of essential commodities have also increased. Government should make sure they control the price and reduce the rates," said Madhan Kumar, a resident of Chennai.

Residents of other states questioned both the central and state governments over the fuel price hike and demanded that the prices should be reduced.

"It's creating a lot of problems. I work in a private job. I have a fixed salary, now how will I survive in this expansive world... Here in Telangana, both central and state government has failed," said Satnarayan, a resident of Hyderabad.

"We are in so much trouble, the government should do something. The government should think about the poor. They say it will get cheaper but on the other hand, it is getting expensive every other day," said Ravi Vishwakarma, a resident of Bhopal. (ANI)

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