Pune Man Slits Roommates Throat, Chokes Him to Death at Varale Village in Talegaon

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Pune, September 4: In a shocking incident, a man in Pune allegedly killed his roommate by slitting his throat and later choked him to death. Reports inform that the man was booked on Friday on the charge of murdering his roommate at Varale village in Talegaon MIDC on Thursday night. According to a report by TOI, the victim has been identified as 35-year-old Ashok Kumar. The Talegaon MIDC police said that Kumar was a daily wage worker.

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The report informs that the incident came to light after Kumar’s neighbour named Avishkar Chougule filed an FIR with the police on Friday. The TOI report states that around 8 pm on Thursday, Chougule heard loud screams from the neighbouring room while he was returning home from work. The suspect came out of the room at the same time and he was carrying a backpack. Pune Shocker: 20-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Killed By Husband For Giving Birth To Girl; Accused Arrested.

Chougule asked him where he was going after he saw him leaving the apartment. The suspect told him that he was going to work and left hurriedly from there. The murder incident came to light after two other roommates returned from work and opened the room to see the victim lying in a pool of blood. Kumar was lying dead in the roam. The report informs that the victim's throat had been slit and he was also gagged.

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