Punjab farmers in distress as untimely rain destroy crops ready for sale

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The condition of the Mandi after early morning rain in Amritsar (Photo:ANI/Twiiter)
The condition of the Mandi after early morning rain in Amritsar (Photo:ANI/Twiiter)

Amritsar (Punjab) [India], October 2 (ANI): The farmers had to bear the loss of most of their crops due to the untimely heavy rain early morning in Amritsar on Saturday.

"Proper arrangements were not made by the state government to shelter the sacks after the purchase of crops was postponed from October 1 to October 11. Hence most of the crops got drained," said a farmer.

The farmers are trying to empty the gunny bags and drying the drained crops.

According to the farmers, the government had scheduled to procure the crops on October 1, which was rescheduled to October 11, an evening before the procurement of crops. The farmers had already harvested their crops. Being unable to find an adequate place of storage, they brought their crops to the 'Mandis' to sell.

Speaking to ANI, a farmer said, "Our crops have drained in rain. The government's rate on the crop was nearly Rs 1950 per quintal, but now when most of the crops are destroyed, the rate would come down to nearly half of it depending upon the condition of the crop."

Another farmer requested the government to not wait for October 11 and procure the crops immediately. "I request the government to not wait for 9 more days and procure our crops immediately," said a farmer.

A farmer whose crops were destroyed told ANI that huge promises were made by the Punjab government regarding the facilities provided for easy procurement of crops, but the rain busted the claims of the government. He also requested the government to make proper shades for the crops so that such incidents do not occur again.

The farmers also demanded the repeal of the three farm laws. (ANI)

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