Obedient Canines Adorably Feast On Delicious Puppuccino Treats

This is the heartwarming moment when two obedient doggies are rewarded for their good behavior with treats from Starbucks. It is treat day for Hugo and Winston and footage shows how much these adorable canines enjoy delighting on a delicious Puppuccino from Starbucks. Yum! If you are a coffee or whipped cream lover, the Starbucks would be your favorite store. These two canines have been behaving themselves in order to be rewarded with sweet treats. Apparently, they grew some serious passion for coffee and whipped cream and cannot shake off the sweet tooth. Footage shows the two pups sitting patiently in front of their cups of Puppuccino, waiting for owner to serve them the treat. When they get the green light from owner to dig deep into the sweet dessert, the obedient canines can be seen munching their way through the whipped cream, having the time of their life! It is very satisfying to watch these cute dogs eating their treats from Starbucks. Can dogs eat whipped cream? This is the million-dollar question popping in your head when you are at the Starbucks pit stop. Whipped cream is safe for dogs provided it has low sugars and low fat content. A small amount of whipped cream will not make your dog obese or fatty. However, too much of anything is not good for dogs. If your dog is a fan of these treats too, be careful not to overdo it because high sugar can abruptly increase the dog’s blood sugar level and can end up with serious health issues like diabetes. The increase in fat content will pounce up your dog which may lead to obesity-related health issues like cardiac, diabetic, arthritic issues. Moderation is the key!