Push for elimination of child marriages, FGM, UN rep tells Malaysia

By Jonathan Edward
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    sum siew
    Also, Malaysia must stop the inhuman practice of genital mutilation on girls as it has been proven ( by authoritative fact findings on past African histories) that it is a weird primitive practice of the ancient uncivilized African people in continental Africa. It is NOT an Islamic practice at all - stop misleading all the Malaysian moslem men, women and girls to force or by peer pressure on them to practice it!
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    If I may add from observation, a lot of times, it is woman who suppresses or oppresses another woman. If a woman see someone more pretty than her, she get madly jealous. Or how many times we hear mothers-in-law bullying their daughters-in-law. Or how many times women prefer to give birth to baby boys than girls. Before women look to blame society or the men, go and look within yourself first!
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    First thing first, Establish laws without flaws.