Put a feather in your hat with 'Skatebird' prelude 'Jazz Mickle's Pro Cap Wearer'

For the skatepark's plumed pals that just want to hang out and look cool: it's "The Sims" character creator but with birds and tiny fashions.

Following its successful mid-year crowdfunding campaign, miniature avian skateboarding game "Skatebird" is offering another tiny preview through free dress-up demo "SkateBIRD x JAZZ MICKLE's Pro Cap Wearer" (queenjazz.itch.io/skatebird-cap-wearer).

Released for Mac and Windows, "Skatebird x Jazz Mickle" lets players pick one of ten bird species -- from cockatiels to kakapos -- and adorn them with a hat or helmet of their choosing.

Selections range from a bucket hat, baseball cap and fetching feathered bonnet, to a French gendarme's kepi, idly spinning propellor hat and oversized traffic cone.

There's even a welding mask, for instant "PUBG" gags.

With several colors, patterns, and grungy logo styles already in the bag, future updates will also include other clothing types such as glasses and belts, while a planned export system will transfer "Skatebird x Jazz Mickle" designs straight into the full and final "Skatebird" game.

"Skatebird" itself is anticipated for June 2020 on PC, Mac and Linux through Steam. Console versions have been suggested as possibilities, though not yet officially announced.

[Gameplay and soundtrack trailer: The Heron (Skatebird OST) - youtu.be/-I5xGOsT740]