Putin calls cannibal and maniac 'Real Russian heroes' - Ukraine's Kyslytsya tells UN Security Council

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Serhii Kyslytsya
Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Serhii Kyslytsya

The cannibals, maniacs, and convicted murderers in Russia's army are promised amnesty and have become Russian heroes, Ukraine's UN Ambassador, Serhii Kyslytsya, said in compelling comments to the UN Security Council, Ukrinform reported.

Some cases have shocked even those Russians loyal to Putin's regime, he noted.

"Russian mass media have recently discovered two notorious murderers, now soldiers in the Russian army - the cannibal Dmitry Malyshev, who killed several people and ate the heart of one of them, and the maniac Aleksandr Maslennikov, who killed and dismembered two women," he said at a Security Council meeting.

These skills are currently in great demand in the Russian army, Kyslytsya said sarcastically.

"Instead of long prison terms, both were recruited from prison cells into the army and sent to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians."

Putin called them "real Russian heroes" in his May 9 speech, Kyslytsya said.

These "heroes" continue their violent activities - at least 24 murderers who were pardoned and returned home have killed again, and that's just according to Russian media, he said.

"It's hard to even imagine how the residents in Ukraine’s occupied territories suffer when rapists and murderers serving in the Russian army enjoy complete impunity for crimes committed against Ukrainians," Kyslytsia said.

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Russian opposition journalist Aleksandr Nevzorov claimed Russian authorities have released the famous cannibal Dmitry Malyshev and the “dismemberer” Aleksandr Maslennikov from behind bars and sent him to war against Ukraine.

The two sub-humans, having found themselves at the front as part of the Storm-V unit, immediately became friends, probably seeing each other as "soulmates."

Storm-V is a series of penal military units established by a law signed by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that replaced the disbanded Storm-Z.

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