Pythons of Puchong: Woman discovers snake in toilet bowl

Vivid nightmares and tropical-living anxieties came to life yesterday in the Puchong area of Kuala Lumpur, after a woman discovered a python peeked out of her toilet bowl at home.

Yes, these things actually happen.

Emergency services were contacted at 6:45am, and three officers from the Malaysia Civil Defense Force (APM) arrived at the woman’s house in Puchong Perdana to deal with the dangerous situation.

Speaking to New Strait Times, a spokesperson for APM confirmed that a snake was indeed found in the bathroom of a residential area, and that the serpent had coiled itself around a bathroom pipe when personnel arrived. Within minutes, they managed to remove the snake from the premises.

Officials believe that recent torrential weather forced the python from its normal habitat, and into a more sheltered environment.

Alrighty then! What’s our biggest take-away from this? Look before you use the loo, and just like dreams, sometimes nightmares really do come true!


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