Qantas awarded title as safest airline in 2020

Australian airline Qantas announced Tuesday it was slashing its international capacity by 90 percent and domestic flights by 60 percent

The Australian flag carrier is set to provide the safest flights on the planet in 2020, according to an evaluation published on Thursday, January 2 by 

At a time when travel enthusiasts are already choosing destinations for beach vacations in 2020, an annual survey conducted by, which analyzed the safety of 405 airlines around the world, has presented a ranking of the 20 safest companies with which to book flights. In evaluating risks, the specialist website took into account such factors as the age of airline fleets, audits undertaken by aviation industry professionals and companies' track records of accidents and incidents. 

When the scores were toted up, Quantas topped the list. The outcome does not come as a surprise, because this is not the first time that the Australian flag carrier has been placed first in this ranking, which, this year, also includes one of its local competitors, Virgin Australia.

In second place is Air New Zealand, notable for having been named Airline of the Year in November 2019. 

Asian and Middle Eastern airlines share the next three places in the ranking, starting with Taiwan's Eva Air followed by the United Arab Emirates' Etihad and Qatar Airways.

Tap Portugal is the highest ranked European airline for safety in 2020. 

As for low-cost carriers, cited Vueling, JetBlue and Wizz as the safest, but did not establish a ranking. 

Here is the ranking of the 20 safest airlines to travel on in 2020

1. Qantas
2. Air New Zealand
3. EVA Air 
4. Etihad 
5.Qatar Airways
6. Singapore Airlines 
7. Emirates
8. Alaska Airlines 
9. Cathay Pacific Airways 
10. Virgin Australia
11. Hawaiian Airlines
12. Virgin Atlantic Airlines
13. TAP Portugal 
14. SAS 
15. Royal Jordanian
16. Swiss Air Lines
17. Finnair 
18. Lufthansa 
19. Aer Lingus 
20. KLM

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