Qi Qi assures Simon Yam is doing fine following second surgery

22 Jul – Qi Qi, wife of actor Simon Yam, recently assured that her husband is doing fine following a second surgery at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital in Happy Valley.

As reported on Mingpao, the model, who was spotted leaving the hospital at 7.40 pm on 21 July, told the media that Simon underwent another surgery to ensure that the wound on the fingers of his right hand would not cause further nerve damage.

"If the nerves on the fingers are not connected well, it could affect his finger movements in the future. The operation was done for about two hours this morning. Fortunately, the four fingers are fine and there should be no problem," she said.

She added that the actor is currently resting, after having a sip of water and eating a little porridge.

The model also revealed that she has suspended all her projects for now to accompany her husband.

Simon will remain in the hospital so that the doctors could observe the progress of his rehabilitation.

(Photo Source: Qi Qi Instagram)