Qiao Renliang found dead at home

19 Sep - It was revealed that Chinese singer-actor Qiao Renliang (also known as Kimi) was found dead in his Shanghai apartment.

As reported on ECNS News, the singer, who gained fame for singing the theme song of Microsoft's Windows 7 in the Asia-Pacific region a few years ago, reportedly had been suffering from severe depression before his death.

Qiao's management company later confirmed that the singer's stress levels were at an all-time high, what with his hectic schedule and an ongoing rumours about his love life.

It was also alleged that cyberbullying might be one of the main cause for his death. Wounds found on his body were reportedly self-inflicted.

Another source reported that the EMT tried to resuscitate Qiao for 30 minutes after the call was made, but couldn't recover his heart rate. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The singer's manager, however, also asked the public not to speculate regarding the cause of his death - despite the police ruling it as a homicide - and to give Qiao's family the privacy they need.

Netizens noted that Qiao showed no signs of stress and depression in his posts online prior to his death. His last Weibo post, dated 9 September was a re-post of a teaser video from a photo-shoot for his new drama, "The Snow Queen".

Qiao Renliang gained fame after winning second place in the "My Hero" show back in 2007. He had since been actively involved in showbiz as an actor, filming various TV series and movie including "Legend of Lu Zhen" and "Our Ten Years".

He was 28.

(Photo Source: Qiao Renliang Weibo)