Get that QQ fix at Beans.Factory’s newest outlet

Popular Malaysian dessert café, Beans.Factory have opened the latest addition to their Singapore franchise at the newly opened Woodleigh Mall.

While only setting up shop in Singapore in Jan 2023, the Malaysian dessert brand is already insanely popular across the causeway, with over 10 outlets in major cities. They specialise in 100% handmade taro paste and their signature tau fu fah or as we would are familiar with — bean curd or dou hua. 

Beans.Factory - Store Front & Promo

In celebration of their new outlet, Beans.Factory will be having a promotion on their QQ desserts. From 9 to 18 May 2023, customers can enjoy any 2 items from their main menu at S$15, while saving up to 20%. The promotion will only be valid from Monday through Friday, so grab your khakis and head down to Woodleigh after work to enjoy their chewy desserts.

Just looking at their menu, any QQ dessert lover would be instantly charmed. Like many QQ dessert shops, customers can choose their preferred base, toppings and sugar base. For the indecisive, their pre-designed choices also offer a great selection.

Beans.Factory - YamYam Series & Icy Taro Ball

Topped with a generous serving of thickly cut QQ yam, orange and purple sweet potato balls, their Beans.Factory Icy Taro Ball (S$9.50) is sure to hit the spot on a hot day.

Unique to Beans.Factory (as far as I know), is their yam-dedicated series of desserts, the Yam Yam Series. Featuring yam-based  Soya Shave Ice (S$9.80), Tau Fu Fa(S$7.20), Red Bean Tau Fu Fa (S$9.20) and even Taro Fresh Milk, it’s an ornee lover’s paradise. With their handmade, velvety smooth taro paste as the main star, no doubt it is an interesting twist to the regular QQ desserts we are so familiar with.

If you’re searching for a new QQ dessert joint  to try out, why not give Beans.Factory a go? With their ongoing promotion at Woodleigh Mall, it’s a great time to dip your toes into the unknown.

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