Quality Family Time with LEGO Fun

Waiwai Leung
parenting lego

Note: Waiwai Leung is a mother of two and the blogger behind the parenting blog “PeiPei.HaoHao”. LEGO Singapore provided the toys she discusses in this story.

"Calling Helicrane, come and carry the crystal now!" According to my five-year-old son, the husky was the one who made the command through the walkie-talkie.

Upon hearing the command, his elder sister held the Helicrane in one hand, and turned its blades with another hand. The Helicrane winched the container with the crystal, and flew to a secret place, which the children called The Store Room.

The children's entertaining story is a great energy booster for me after a long and tiring day of work. 

As a working parent of two children, to make up for the lack of quantity of time with my children on working days, I make conscious effort to spend quality time with them after work. To me, quality time means we do things together, not just being physically together.

I think it is especially meaningful when we are doing something that all of us enjoy. One such activity is playing LEGO toys. 

Yes, since young, I enjoy playing with LEGO bricks. And I still keep a few LEGO toys at my parents' house. Wow, those LEGO toys are older than my children! Sometimes I wonder, is the love for LEGO bricks inheritable? It seems to be true for myself and my children. 

As we are playing LEGO bricks together, we learn something together.

Perseverance and patience

My son's fine motor skill is still developing, fixing very small parts together can be quite challenging to him. Practice makes perfect, and it takes perseverance to keep on practising. At times when he feels like giving up, we encourage him by demonstrating to him, and letting him try again. 

As my daughter is quite good in assembling the bricks, sometimes she tends to be a little impatient when her younger brother takes a long time to fix the parts. Honestly, I become impatient at times too. I have to remind myself and my daughter to be more patient, so as to provide opportunity for my son to build confidence through accomplishing the tasks assigned to him.

Creativity and imagination

The children follow the instruction provided when they first encounter with a LEGO set. After dismantling, they create something new. Racing car with wings, house with slides, you name it. They also enjoy making up stories using LEGO minifigures. Sometimes I ask them questions, to my surprise, they can give an amazing twist to their story.

Through the pretend play, the children develop their imagination and creativity. As they are verbalising their ideas, they also improve their language proficiency. 


The siblings learn to work with each other, while one of them looks for the correct part, the other one assembles the parts together. Though once in a while, the siblings fight as both of them want to complete the same part, they learn to respect each other and take turn. When they face difficulties, for example, to dismantle parts when they realise that they make a mistake, I would be happy to provide my professional handyman service.

It heartens me to see how playing LEGO bricks strengthen the bond between the siblings, as well as between parents and children. We learn and grow together through LEGO fun.