Mazda3s recalled: Steering wheel badge can shatter if airbags deploy

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It's apparently not the greatest year for steering wheel badges. Earlier this year, Chevy recalled a few Camaros for having badging that could pop off and injure the driver when the airbag deploys. Mazda has issued a similar recall, but this one is for many more cars.

Mazda said that the materials the badges were made from weren't the correct specification, and so they become brittle over time. So when the air bag goes off, it could shatter the badge sending shrapnel at the occupants. It affects Mazda3s ranging from model year 2004 to 2007. The number of cars affected is 260,915.

Mazda will be sending out recall notifications to owners. Owners can get updates at As with most recalls, a fix should be performed at no cost. We would expect the fix to be a quick and simple badge replacement when the fix is available.

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