Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral Cost Over $200 Million

Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral and lying-in-state cost around £162 million (about $201.4 million), the UK's Treasury department shared today.

"The government’s priorities were that these events ran smoothly and with the appropriate level of dignity, while at all times ensuring the safety and security of the public," John Glen, chief secretary to the treasury, said in a written statement to Parliament.

The estimated costs include (from largest to smallest):

  • Home Office: £73.68 million

  • Department for Culture, Media & Sport: £57.42 million

  • Scottish Government - £18.756 million

  • Ministry of Defence - £2.890 million

  • Department for Transport: £2.565 million

  • Welsh Government - £2.202 million

  • Northern Ireland Office - £2.134 million

  • Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office: £2.096 million

Glen clarified, "All figures are the marginal costs, meaning money spent specifically on the events, as opposed to costs that would have been incurred in any case. Where necessary, additional funding was provided by the Treasury to meet these costs. This included fully refunding the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Office for their respective costs, which in turn they were able to repay to partners who also incurred costs."

The funeral was held on September 19, 2022, after 10 national days of mourning. World leaders traveled from around the globe to Westminster Abbey to attend the funeral.

The cost of King Charles's coronation, which took place earlier this month, has yet to be revealed, but sums of £100 million and upwards have been estimated.

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