"Queen Han" gets Niki Chow more jobs

"Queen Han" gets Niki Chow more jobs

28 Sep – With her new period drama "The Virtuous Queen Han" successfully grabbing the top spot in mainland viewership ratings, Niki Chow's popularity has surged immensely, leading to rumours saying her salary has now increased threefold.

As reported on On CC News, the actress, who plays Princess Pingyang in the series, reportedly has been receiving more job offers, be it acting projects or endorsement deals, due to the popularity of her role in the series.

When asked to confirm the rumours, Niki denied that her salary has increased as much as the media reported. However, the actress admitted that she has indeed received more job offers with bigger remunerations than before.

The actress added that she hopes to earn enough money in the future to purchase a house in Shanghai soon.

(Photo credit: jaynestars.com)