Queen Mary 2 docks in Port Klang


KUALA LUMPUR: The Queen Mary 2, the world's largest ocean liner has docked at the Port Klang pilot station on Sunday under the command of Captain Kevin Oprey.

As one of the world's most legendary seafaring vessels, Queen Mary 2 is longer than the Eiffel Tower of Paris and the famous RMS Ttitanic with overall length of 345 metres, 49 metres breadth and 73 metres in height which is equivalent to the height of a 23-storey building.

The transatlantic ocean liner was carrying 2,554 passengers and 1,249 crew members when it arrived and departed to Penang at 7pm the same day.

The Maritime Pilots Malaysia (MPM) in a statement yesterday said, Queen Mary 2 was on its way to Sri Lanka last night.

“The arrival of Queen Mary 2 marked a milestone achievement for the Malaysian government and its respective agencies, including the maritime pilots in “developing Port Klang to a world renowned port which can handle one of the largest and biggest ocean liner in the world,” the statement read.

The prospect of traveling onboard Queen Mary 2 is thrilling following the ship's £90 million transformation in 2016.

The vessel has one of the most rigorous and formal dress codes at sea. This is a ship where passengers appreciate formality where even informal nights require jackets and cocktail dresses.

Some of Queen Mary 2's facilities include fifteen restaurants and bars, five swimming pools, a casino, a ballroom, a theatre, and the first planetarium at sea.