QUIRKY ASIA: And the job goes to - the bride!

News Desk in Kuala Lumpur/The Star
Asia News Network

Kuala Lumpur (The Star/ANN) - There was no bended knee or engagement ring. Instead, one man took out a "job advertisement" to ensure he lands the object of his affection of eight years.

Describing himself as an ordinary guy, Terence Mok MK, in the advertisement, said that the "job requirement" for being his bride would include "avoid making the partner laugh when he is driving."

The candidate (named Elaine Yap LL) was requested to e-mail her resume to him.

"This is an open post without a deadline," Mok wrote.

The advertisement stated that job responsibilities such as "to grow (either age or sideways) with the partner, to provide support and advice in times of need and to play tic-tac-toe together and allow the partner to win once in a while."

Mok's advertisement, which appeared in StarJobs yesterday, also stated that the "job" would come with benefits like an "all-year round supply of 3-in-1 coffee, biscuits and wi-fi". He said the hired candidate could expect "a long-term career with bonuses".

There was also a poem in which Mok wrote, among other things, that "no one told us of the trials and disappointments to be felt; but we triumphed through and what's left is this proposal for the next act."