Quit ducking around! This Singapore hawker is giving out free duck bags

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You heard about the craze over the chicken bag, now it’s the time for the duck bag.

According to posts on social media, popular hawker Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck are revving up its marketing in a wholesome move.

The family-run business announced that they will be giving out a free duck bag to customers who spend a minimum of S$21.90 at their stalls.

They teased the idea by saying, “Since Texas Chicken Singapore started the trend. I also jump in with my duck bags.


arriving next week!”

Soon there was a follow-up post saying that it was not a joke and the duck bags have been ordered, and on the way.

If you like what you see – or didn’t manage to get a chicken bag from the Texas Chicken campaign, the offer happens April 30.

As a reference to the poorly managed campaign by Texas Chicken, the hawkers said on Facebook, “PS, limited stocks available only, don’t make me stress and cry ahhhh.”

The fast food chain had to deal with several problems like long waiting times and queues, demanding customers, the bags going out of stock and even crying employees.

Toy ducks aside, the braised duck hawker has stalls in Golden Mile Food Center and Bendeemer Market and are known for its duck rice dish with tender duck doused in a fragrant braising sauce which has remained consistent throughout the years.

Good duck to everyone queueing this Sunday – better get up at the quack of dawn!

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