Quiz show app Dooit Live crashes, Malaysians lose it on Twitter

Chris Mohan
No luck for about 42,000 users today as their game unfortunately crashed due to an error.

PETALING JAYA, Nov 14 — It was a rather unusual lunch hour today for Malaysians who had hoped to walk away with part of the RM3,000 cash prize on the mobile phone application, Dooit Live. 

About 42,000 who logged on to the Malaysian-made trivia game show app faced an unexpected crash which came with a message: “You’re Cheating!”

The pop-up message also read: “Sorry bes (bestie/best friend), this device has been disqualified. Another device using your account has been detected, any such behaviour will result in the immediate suspension of your account!”

Frustrated, most of the disappointed players took to Twitter.

Some said they have never been more blatantly accused of cheating in their lives while others were requesting for the game founders to offer them free PUSO’s — an extra life which can be used in case you fail to answer a question correctly.

The eight users who fortunately survived the crash and answered all 11 questions accurately walked away with RM375 each.


The application’s Twitter account (@jomdooit) swiftly responded to the crash, apologising to Malaysians and offering them complimentary PUSOs as a way of saying sorry.

When contacted by Malay Mail, the game’s chief executive officer Brian Foo said that a bug related to the cheating sensor was set off and his team was midway through fixing it.

“I’d hate to be accused of cheating too, but a bug related to the cheating sensor was set off. We’re fixing it right now and hopefully, we’ll be able to rectify it and come back smoother.

“It really sucks that our players are affected with these technical issues,” he said.

There is, however, good news for the winners of today’s RM3,000 as Foo said their winnings will be handed out despite users requesting for it to be lumped together with another day’s prize money.

“To be fair, we have to payout those who took their time to play today. We’ve enjoyed three months of smooth sailing but as a technology company, we expect to experience hiccups like this occasionally.”

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