‘Racist’ Singapore woman throws big fuss at family she says is taking too much space on train (Video)

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Redditor Yoomzster posted a thread yesterday titled Encounter with a possibly racist woman on the train berating a family over their luggage taking up space and explained about a recent incident in a train on the Downtown Line involving a tourist family and a woman who made a big public fuss about not having enough space to sit next to them.

The Redditor said the family, who had three bags with them and sat at the end, tried their “best not to take up space” by placing their luggage “as close to them as possible.”

Then a woman in a salmon-colored blouse walks in and allegedly shouted at them. She also out of nowhere accused the father of being drunk.

“Just now you were blocking the seat, were you not? So you’re like drunk, is it?” she said to the father.

The Redditor said the father then tried to move out of the way but the woman was still not satisfied and called the situation “outrageous.”

But another passenger then came in and sat in the empty seat that the woman claimed was “impossible to sit” without any issue.

“You are blocking the entrance!” she shouted, while eventually sitting next to the boy who is leaning towards the mother.

“Your kid will grow up to be a brat as well,” she added.

The Redditor then got off at the same stop as the family and told the woman off.

“Look, your umbrella was on the other seat and the other passenger didn’t have to shout at you to get you to make space. Why did you have to shout at them? Have some compassion,” the Redditor wrote.

To which, the woman replied with a “Speak for yourself!” which confused the Redditor.

After speaking with the family when they got off, the user found that they had just come from a “really tough time” finding their way since leaving the airport. But they never once expressed anger, raised their voice or were rude, said the Redditor.

“Still pretty appalled at what happened. I’m hoping they won’t have to deal with more people with shitty attitudes while they’re here,” the Redditor wrote.

Comments point out the possible trauma that the boy dealt with which was confirmed by Yoomzster who said the boy was asking the mother why the woman was acting that way when they got off the train.

Of course, other users called the woman a “Karen” and that her old-fashioned clothes gave it away.

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