Rafale says its multirole fighters will 'own' Langkawi airspace at LIMA '17


LANGKAWI: Two Rafale multirole fighter aircraft are all set to conquer Langkawi’s skies in the upcoming Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition (LIMA '17).

Rafale International, the company that produces the Rafale, said its two aircraft have arrived on the island and ready to ‘own the airspace’ with an impressive aerial display routine during the exhibition.

This is the fourth time that Rafale is participating in the biennial event, the largest aerospace exhibition in the region.

"The Rafale will be showcasing its manoeuvrability in another awe-inspiring performance that is expected to mesmerise visitors for up to nine minutes.

"Flying at heights from a mere 100 feet to 3,000 feet with G limits of 9+ to -3G, the Rafale will display a variety of the twelve 2016/2017 solo aerial display sequences which include manoeuvres such as Square Dance, Slow Pass-Slow Loop, and the breathtaking Split “S” - Fullstop landing," it said in a statement.

The Rafale aircraft will share Langkawi airspace along with the aerobatic teams from the air defence forces of several countries including Malaysia, Russia and Indonesia.

The company is occupying space HB321.l at the exhibition centre.