Rags to riches: Kelantanese couple upgrade Kancil to Audi after selling chicken for 10 years

Tan Mei Zi
Nur Amyza bought a striking red Audi A3 for her husband as a reward for his hard work in growing their business. — Picture from Facebook/nuramyza.amy

PETALING JAYA, Nov 5 — Nur Amyza Ismail never dreamed of owning a fancy car when she set up a fresh poultry business with her husband in 2008.

The Kelantanese couple started from the bottom with just one outlet in Tanah Merah and drove a humble Perodua Kancil to make ends meet.

More than a decade later, Nur Amyza and her spouse have finally made enough money to build a better life for themselves.

Nur Amyza even rewarded her husband with his dream car — an Audi A3 — and shared their rags-to-riches story on Facebook.

“Yes, we are kampung people. Yes, we are not degree holders. We’re just regular people who have lofty ambitions in life.

“We were once hated, insulted, and ostracised just because we worked in a kampung and were not highly educated.

“However, we never let other people’s views hold us back,” she wrote.

The couple now own four outlets selling fresh poultry and have lives that they could only have fantasised about 10 years ago.

They regularly sell their chickens at a discounted price as a way of giving back to their local community who have supported their business over the years.

In a separate Facebook post, Nur Amyza’s husband, known as Lan, said that they would always remember their roots and not repeat the mistakes of those who looked down on them in the past for not being well-off.

“When we’re at the bottom, we have to get rid of our negative traits and be confident in our ability to succeed.

“When we’re at the top, we must not make fun of those beneath us because we never know, they could be successful just like us because Allah can change everything,” he said.

Their story has inspired Malaysians on social media who congratulated them for chasing their dreams and never letting the negative comments of others slow them down.

Nur Amyza and Lan still own the Perodua Kancil from earlier days and have given it a fresh lick of red paint to match their new Audi A3.

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