From Rags to Riches- RJ Betz Is Revolutionising the World of Professional Sports Betting

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RJ Betz is a name that anyone more than just a fan of the sports world is sure to know. Roger James, who goes by the name RJ Betz, is a 21-year-old professional sports betting consultant. Growing up it was mostly his father who had a big influence on RJ Betz’s lifestyle and has helped them grow into the man that he is today. He has taught RJ Betz priceless moral values which have allowed him to make good decisions and face all sorts of struggles with a smile.

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Although his current lifestyle might not be reflective of the same, RJ Betz actually had a very difficult childhood. He would often be abused at the hands of his stepmother and even got kicked out of the house at the young age of 14. At the time RJ Betz was also doing quite well, playing basketball in his school and had got a couple of offers from reputable colleges for the same. However, the financial and emotional challenges that he faced brought an end to all such hope and took a severe toll on him instead. He was forced to look for a job that would support himself and had to give up all dreams of ever playing for the NBA.

The easiest way to make money and get out of this life would be to get into the drugs and thievery rackets- however, RJ Betz knew better than to take his life in that direction. Instead, he grew his repertoire as a hustler and became involved in the sports gambling industry.

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By the time he was 20 years old, RJ Betz had struck gold and would make around $50,000 in 4 days of gambling by playing his cards right. He took to social media to share his success and was met with huge demand to share his tips and tricks as making it big in the sports betting world is quite difficult unless you have superior knowledge of the game and the players. However, considering RJ Betz had been quite interested in all sorts of sports especially basketball, it came as second nature to him to be involved and knowledgeable.

Since then, he has amassed over 100,000 followers on his Instagram profile and is considered a staple in the sports industry for his insider’s point of view. RJ Betz has had crazy stories of success and has even hit $500,000 in a single month just from his betting activities. He has even been banned by several sports betting apps just for his talent which makes others not even want to play against him as they are sure of losing.

RJ Betz’s story is truly motivational and stands as an inspiration for anyone who wishes to follow in his footsteps.

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