Rahul Gandhi slams Centre over increasing fuel prices

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New Delhi, Sep 01 (ANI): Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi in his press conference slammed PM Modi-led Central Government over continuous fuel price hike. He said, “Modi ji keeps saying that GDP is rising, Finance Minister says that GDP is showing an upward projection. I then understood what does it mean by GDP. It means 'Gas-Diesel-Petrol'. They have this confusion”. He mentioned, “People can argue that there is rise in prices of petrol and diesel in international market. During the UPA govt in 2014, crude oil was priced at Rs 105, today it's Rs 71 - it was 32% higher at our time. Gas was priced at Rs 880 in our time, today it's Rs 653 - 26% lower today”. He also added, “The government earned Rs 23 lakh crores through GDP - not the Gross Domestic Product but the Gas-Diesel-Petrol. Where did this Rs 23 lakh crores go?”

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