Are rain boots this autumn's trendy ugly shoes?

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Rain boots are back this fall, but in a version that is part of the ugly shoes trend.

Rain boots sometimes make a summer appearance at wet and muddy music festivals but it is truly at the start of the new school year that these accessories generally start making their mark, and this year in particular it looks like they will be the footwear that everyone needs in their closet. And for this season we're not talking about pretty rain boots, in blue or yellow, possibly with stripes, but those that just reach the ankle, and are preferably shapeless. It's a new chapter in the ongoing saga of trending ugly shoes.

Rain boots were never considered the most glamorous shoes in a wardrobe, but now some designers have taken up a big challenge: make them even uglier. No exaggeration, because these rubber shoes, which usually appeal more to children than to adults, are experiencing a fusion with the trend for ugly apparel, and more precisely, ugly footwear. As a result, low rain boots -- meaning ones that go up to the ankle (in other words, that don't even protect the wearer from the rain) -- will be everywhere this fall season according to global fashion search platform Stylight .*

Have you heard of Bottega Veneta 's Puddle boots? These molded one-piece boots look like they came straight out of a Smurfs cartoon, and, as a bonus, come in a multitude of colors ranging from green to fluorescent yellow and a particularly bright pink. It is precisely this type of rain boot that consumers around the world are currently raving about. Stylight reports that clicks on these models have increased by 128% this year, showing a definite craze that has no reason to lose steam come fall.

Combat boots vs kitten heel boots

However, rain boots may have some competition from combat boots, which have been gaining in popularity over the past year, especially if they feature a chunky platform (+394% of clicks compared to last year). A craze that is part of a broader trend, the pop-punk aesthetic , which has attracted many fans at the dawn of the new school year.

In another genre, kitten heel boots and booties -- that is with a mini heel -- are also attracting interest (with an increase in clicks of 280%). The model seems to check off two criteria of women: elegance as well as a certain amount of comfort. In fact this footwear style looks to find favor among nearly all demographics this fall.

For anyone who hasn't found their joy in these fall shoe trends, Stylight reports that gold and silver boots are also popular, in a disco style (+252%), as well as, to a lesser extent, second skin boots (+50%) and colorful, even flashy boots and ankle boots (+27%).

*To obtain this data, Stylight analyzed the shopping and browsing habits of its 120 million annual users, and in particular clicks on certain product categories, over a period from January 1 to May 31, 2021 compared to the same period a year earlier.

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