Rajasthan: 'Blue Pottery' sees sales slump amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Famous 'blue pottery' art from Rajasthan's Jaipur. (Photo/ANI)
Famous 'blue pottery' art from Rajasthan's Jaipur. (Photo/ANI)

Rajasthan (Jaipur) [India], October 8 (ANI): Famous 'Blue pottery' art of Rajasthan's Jaipur sees a sales slump due to COVID-19 pandemic following less demand.

While speaking to ANI, Satyapal Prajapati, an artist, said, "Normally, the pottery has huge demands from across the country. Foreign tourists used to purchase the potteries. But for the last two years, the business has not been moving, leaving many of us without work."

Speaking about the unique shade of blue colour used in the potteries, Prajapati said, "Originally, the blue colour was not as glazed as it is today. The one I am holding is the original blue pottery piece, it's some 300 years old. Today we use a blend of colours with blue being the signature colour. Other colours include yellow, green, pink, black," he added. (ANI)

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