Rajkot man makes city green by planting over 7 lakh trees

Rajkot (Gujarat), Aug 26 (ANI): The owner of an old age home-cum-NGO in Gujarat's Rajkot has planted nearly 7,50,000 trees across the district and wished to make the entire state greener in the next 10 years.Speaking to ANI, Vijay Dobria, the owner of NGO Sadbhavna Vrudhashram said, "We have planted 5,00,000 trees in tree guard and around 2,50,000 in a nearby forest. This needs a lot of patience and discipline because after planting saplings we need to water them and give manure in fixed proportions at particular timings. We have also been working towards the conservation of trees.""I am assisted by more than 500 people who work as my staff, including more than 200 women. I am proud of my work as I am able to do two things simultaneously, increase the green cover of the state which helps in saving the environment, and at the same time provide employment to so many people," added the old age homeowner and conservationist.

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