Ranking The Best New Shows You Can Stream Online Right Now

You’ve got free time to kill, and you want to spend these rare moments with a TV show. But you have a ton of options on a handful of streaming platforms. In an era when keeping up with contemporary TV is beginning to feel more and more like homework, it’s about time there was a cheat sheet.

HuffPost’s Streamline is a go-to source for what to watch online right now. It includes recommendations for scripted TV shows, both live-action and animated, chosen by writers who watch dozens of series and have an eye on what other critics are ecstatic about this minute. 

The weekly list values newness to promote shows that might not be on your radar yet. On the navigation bar above, you can choose specific recommendations for series streaming on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. The main list below also includes shows that you can stream online with a cable package (such as programs on HBO, Showtime and FX Networks).

The idea: Come to Streamline before you accidentally waste your time with a bad show. Wait a minute to save a minute.

"Atlanta" on FX.

For the weekend of March 3, “Atlanta” tops the list for the first time. The show just returned for a second season after a long hiatus as Donald Glover became a movie star. The show is incredibly good and is the best show of 2018 so far. You can watch it at the FX website.  

New To The List This Week

“The Looming Tower,” which premiered Feb. 28 on Hulu, joins at No. 8. This is Hulu’s most anticipated show since “The Handmaid’s Tale” but early critic reviews have been shaky. Read more about it at theHulu Streamline.

“Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.” premiered on Feb. 27 and joins at No. 10. It’s a solid, if not always great, look at the murders of the two famous stars. 

Other Notable New Shows This Week

“Borderliner” on Netflix. This crime thriller is a Norwegian import. It’s pretty gruesome, but the backdrop of Norwegian woods is beautiful, so that kind of balances it out a bit. Maybe. Read more about it at theNetflix Streamline.

Recent Shows From The Last Month That Are Also Decent

“Absentia” from Amazon. Season 1. Read more at the Amazon Streamline.

“A.P. Bio” from NBC, also on Hulu. Season 1. You can read more about that show at the Hulu Streamline.

“Baskets” from FX. Season 3.

“Britannia” from Amazon. Season 1. Read more about that show at the Amazon Streamline.

“Divorce” from HBO. Season 2.

“Everything Sucks!” from Netflix. Season 1. Read more about that show at the Netflix Streamline.

“Good Girls” from NBC. Season 1. Read more about that show at theHulu Streamline

“Homeland” from Showtime. Season 7.

“The Tick” from Amazon. Season 1, Part 2. You can read more about that show at theAmazon Streamline.

“Waco” from the Paramount Network. Mini-series.

Assorted Streaming News

Apple hashired M. Night Shyamalanfor a new thriller series. Shyamalan will executive produce the forthcoming project and then direct the first episode. There aren’t many details about the show yet and it remains unclear what the twist will be.

HBO released atrailer for its movie “Fahrenheit 451,” based off the 1953 Ray Bradbury novel and starring Michael B. Jordan. There’s a lot of fire! 

Comedy Centralrenewed “Corporate”for a second season. That show is good!

Adam Scott is nowdefinitely rejoining the castof “Big Little Lies” for the second season. 

The upcoming “Snowpiercer” series on TNT now has anew showrunnerin Graeme Manson, the former showrunner of “Orphan Black.” The series will be based on the 2013 movie of the same name.

CBS is launching a free streaming service calledCBS Sports HQ. The 24-hour service will air sports news and commentary.

Paramount Networkpushed back the premiereof the “Heathers” reboot in wake of the Parkland high school shooting. The original movie, the series’ inspiration, is a dark comedy about a high school murder spree.

And an essay fromAeonwent viral this week titled “Against popular culture” that could cause you to rethink streaming altogether.  

News about Netflix, Hulu and Amazon at those respective Streamline articles.

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A note on methodology:

Streamline recommendations do not include reality shows, game shows, awards shows, news shows and other shows that aren’t streaming online.

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