Rashford invests millions to prepare for life after football


Rashford is reportedly investing in property in the north east.

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has invested more than £2 million as he prepares for life after football.

Rashford set up the company MUCS Enterprises in 2016, and the latest accounts show assets worth in excess of £2m.

In 2017 The Sun reported that Rashford had set up the company with the aim of buying up properties in the north east of England, but now he has increased the funding for the company.

The company has debts of more than half a million pounds, meaning that he may have taken out a mortgage in order to finance some deals already. Because of the company’s relatively small size, there is little obligation to give details about the current activity.

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Rashford is currently on £45,000 a week at Manchester United following a new deal signed in 2017, but he could be in line for a huge raise if he is offered another extension following his time in the first team and at the World Cup.

The England striker is not the first player to look to property to secure his financial future. Liverpool fans chant, ‘We all live in a Robbie Fowler house,’ after the Liverpool legend established his sprawling property empire. The latest reports peg his net worth at £31m, made with cash invested before the explosion in wages in the Premier League over the last five years.

Other players have gone for more esoteric paths to riches. Mathieu Flamini was falsely reported to be a billionaire after founding a biochemical company, but is nonetheless focusing his attention away from football. David Beckham negotiated a stake in an MLS franchise when he moved from Real Madrid, and he is now on the cusp of establishing his Miami side. Andres Iniesta recently sold part of his family’s vineyard business to the owner of his new Japanese club, Vissel Kobe.